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Ernie and Archie owners of John and Beth Standifird.

Willis and Wendy and Denny owners of Linda Stowe. Send Linda email.

Shadow and Shatze owners of Michael and Stacey.

Zazu and Coco owners of Liz Bernel.

Penny owner of Gail and Brad.

Holly owner of Dan Nash.

Tinkertoy and Tinkerbell owners of Dick and Dee Neville. Send Dick email.

Abby and Millie owners of Tom and Kathy Mudge.

Mandy, Misty, and Barron owners of Annalisa and Carl Cox. Send Annalisa (Lisa) email.

Bubba and Allie owners of Thaddeus Konar.

Oscar owner of Sebastian and Brenda.

Natalie, Archie, and Lucy owners of Jay and Amy Keller. Send Jay email.

Snoopy and Karlene owners of Karl and Marlene Schmidt.

Snug owner of Glen Acord and Felicia Neff.

Bruno and Sonia and Amanda. Meredith and Amanda will also be owned forever by Rex, who went to the Rainbow Bridge on 10 January 1997. Send Meredith email.

Maxwell Schatzie Hofmann, AKC owner of Eric and Linda Hofmann.

Penni's Dachshunds owners of Penni Cronk. Send Penni email.

Larry owner of Elton and Corinna Pruitt.

Rudy and Sammie owners of Stuart and Mary Gardner.

Jake owner of Cathy and Greg Ziebold. Send Cathy and Greg email.

Nikesha owner of Artem and Lena Melnikov.

Lacey (Remenos Bark at the Moon) owner of Joanne Emerson.

Cecil owner of Gregg and Jill Bunning.

Cricket, Tootsie Roll, Lug, Smoky, Tia, Spooky, Midnight, Hummer, and Delco owners of Dave and Debbie Evans. Send Dave and Debbie email.

Wrinkles owner of Sue Schmidt.

Casie and Ebony owners of Donna Menk.

Pippin owner of Bonnie and Harry Spiegelberg. Send Bonnie email.

Ort and Thalia owners of Laurie Fellwock and Glenn Bostian.

Ch. Manmars Jamaica Me Happy ML - Maria, G'Lyns Lady Chelsea, ML, CGC, CDX - Chelsea, Tiffans SG Diamond Jim - Jimmy (Dachshund in training), and Buck (honorary Dachshund) owners of Trish Mims.

Belle owner of Jack and Jill Magestro.

Minnie (L) and Sassy (R) owners of Susie and Mike Richards.

Lily owner of James and Juanita Durkan.

Schatze, Greta, Bruiser, and Holly (clockwise from bottom) owners of Norm and Ginny Badler.

Dixie, Mikie, and Indy owners of Carol and Craig Smith.

Layla owner of Russ, Barbara, Rusty, and Beth Doughty.

Gretchen and Sally owners of Karen Henry.

Max and Friday owners of Tom and Shirley Bonar.

Sassie Cassie owner of Herbert and Pat Eldridge.

Lager owner of Molly Anderson. Send Molly email.

Subway owner of Terry.

Maxie owner of Brad Goldman.

Siggie and CocoaPuff owners of Mickey and Dale Howard. Send Mickey and Dale email.

Lucy owner of The Samples.

Tugger owner of Mike Cutherell. Send Mike email.

Isabeau (the blonde) and Oscar le Monstre (wearing his French beret ear-do style) boating in Provence, owners of Jane and Alain Pinel.

Maxie and Minnie (AKA-CREEPS) owners of Mary Kellar.

Mo owner of Pauline and Marion Karavanich.

Hershey and Goober owners of Tony and Carol Wheeler.

Gretchen and Oscar owners of the Harr family.

Micro and Comet owners of Sherry and Dennis Dease. Send Sherry and Dennis email.

Sassy Britches Swampfox owner of John Greene. Send John email.

Moose owner of Christina Arroyo. Send Christina email.

Maggie owner of Jennifer Reiner.

Candi owner of David and Linda Acklen.

Oreos babies owners of Tami Loewen.

Gretel, Maggie, Marbles and Snickers owners of Jeff and Robin Koenker.

Myrthe owner of Erik den Ouden.

Gertie, Molly, Rudie, and Bruno (honorary Dachshund) owners of Mark Childs. Send Mark email.

Muffin, Kylie, and Fatty owners of Justin and Liesl Tweedie.

Abby owner of Robert and Elaine, Ed, Aaron Hempel, LaGrange, IL. You may contact her royal subjects at bobhempel@earthlink.net.

Brownguy owner of Hilary (Snoopy).

Katie Belle owner of Jeff Bearden. Send Jeff email.

Joujou owner of Jacques, Jacqueline, Julie, and Joanne Bourdon. Send Jacques email.

Kiwi owner of William and Anita Taylor.

Korki and Brandy owners of Mike Starnes and Bill Baldwin. Send Mike email.

Bitty-bit owner of Brian Forrest. Send Brian email.

Schnappes owner of Debi Deimling. Schnappes has recently been healed of severe allergy reactions and can possibly help other 4-legged Dachshunds with similar problems. If you would like to contact Schnappes, please send her email.

Lucky owner of Marco Mazzoni.

Sugar owner of the McCauley Family. Send Mike email.

Schatzie Adler Kornspan owner of Frankie and Barry Kornspan. Send Frankie and Barry email.

Mizy owner of Jens and Inge Lindhardt. Send Jens and Inge email.

Tammy and Peanuts owners of Keith and Jill Sweeney. Send Keith and Jill email.

Duke owner of Krista and Tommy.

Wesley and Beardslee owners of Craig and Cheryl Scheir.

Frisco owner of Kim, Barb, and Jenny Ekelberry. Send Kim email.

Jupiter Wray owner of Mark W. Patterson. Send Mark email.

Herbie, Ozzie, Siggie, and Leo owners of Tom and Cherie Penoza. Send Tom and Cherie email.

Honey Bun and Cinnamon Bun owners of Mac and Barbara Spruil.

Krammer owner of J. J. Goplin.

Kate and Allie owners of Mary Roubinek. Send Mary email.

Toby owner of Odeff. Send Odeff email.

Cinnamon owner of Ben and Vivian Han. Send Ben and Vivian email.

Samantha owner of Rob. Send Rob email.

Merlin and Cin owners of Jimmie Ray and Lyn Estell.

Megan owner of Leann Hennig.

Zac owner of Peter Thornton.

Gracee owner of John and Karen Pierce.

Harry and Dunkin owners of Alda. Send Alda email.

Maggie owner of Andey McFarlin. Send Andey email.

Cocoa and Bandit (honorary Dachsie) owners of Melanie and Tom.

Lebschin and Schnapps owners of Paul, Marilyn, Jenny, and Andy Hartz . Send Paul email.

Hannah and Viktor owners of Bernie and Shelley Rector. Send Bernie and Shelley email.

Schottze and Hexe owners of Larry and Vicky Transue.

Cosmo owner of Deana, Dana and Morgan. Send Deana, Dana and Morgan email.

Heidi and Buttons owners of Bari, Art, Sarah and Melissa Verity.

Corky and Toby owners of Bob and Susan Tucker. Send Susan email.

PC owner of Jeannie Fazio.

Emy owner of Angelo and Elisa Migliarini.

Patsy owner of Joyce Oberlies.

Brandy uses "The Look" to show her humans who's the boss. She is the owner of Lori and Mike Sebek. Send Lori and Mike email.

Heather and Holly owners of Dottie Overstreet. Send Dottie email.

Sophie and Sammie owners of Deanna Davis.

Max owner of Jack Frane. Send Jack email.

Dante and Kato owners of LBellock.

Kipper and Haany owners of Chuck and Sue.

Ansel owner of Diana. Send Diana email.

Duchess Dog owner of Stephanie and Wayva Waterman.

Rudy's Favorite Picture Page. Rudy is the owner of Deborah and David Kelly.

Strudel (short hair), Misty (long hair), and Nixie (long hair) owners of Ron Rolley.

Tybalt and Boggie owners of Christoper and Heidi Bendt. Send Christopher and Heidi email.

Squirt, TawneyBelle, and Bubba owners of Jean Jenkinson.

Baron owner of Patty and Larry Garfield. Send Baron email.

Heidi owner of Jim and Judi Hughen. Send Jim and Judi email.

Puck owner of Gigi Kavanagh. Send Gigi email.

Kiwi owner of Cory. Send Cory email.

Dwiezel owner of Regina Martello. Send Regina email.

Bob (red), Petey (long-haired), and Joey (black and tan) owners of Michelle and Michael White.

Isis owner of Anne Gurka.

Rudy and Ally Mae owners of Tina Wiley and Michael Nunez. Send Tina and Michael email.

Daisy May owner of Chris and Carmen.

Amazing Dachshunds! owners of Joe and Bridget.

Schultz owner and chief food taster of the Mitchell family.

Sophie owner of Leslie Koether. Send Leslie email.

Taylor (background) and Ricky owners of David and Margaret.

Dolly Dackel owner of Immo Klemund. Send Immo email.

Dodger and Lady owners of Greg and Wendy.

Slinky, Madison, and Chip owners of Vann and Mariea Allen.

Winnie (Red Dapple) and Scooter (Chocolate and Tan Dapple) owners of John and Dorinda Medley.

Lucy owner of Megan.

Emily and her puppies owners of Chris.

Tucker and Tyler owners of Joshua Drew and Morgan Hausrath. Send Joshua or Morgan email.

Tanner owner of Kendra Friemel.

Barney and Dusty owners of Mary Perrone. Send Mary email.

Bunky and Boo owners of Debbie.

Mickey owner of Doug Dean.

Hannah's Dachshunds owners of Joanne and Darryl.

Jackson owner of Mark Schaffer. Send Mark email.

Jack owner of Maggie and Jim Roe. Send Maggie and Jim email.

Chico and Betina owners of Juliano D«Angelo. Send Juliano email.

Bullet owner of the Lynch's.

George owner of Gemma Bruce.

Pootie owner of Jon and Michelle Kenoyer.

Chase (black and tan) and Dream Theater (white) owners of David and Elsie Tufte.

Benji owner of Eddie Mitchell.

Brandy owner of Margaret.

Roxie and Rielly owners of Myra Sullivan. Send Myra email.

Fred and Gina owners of Gix and Anelle Repsold.

Clausewitz owner of Katja and Henri Berners. Send Katja and Henri email.

Molly owner of Ed and Vicki Antrim.

Toby owner of Tara and Amber.

Ollie (in the back) and Olivia (in the front) owners of Chris and Alie.

Basje the Dachshund from Holland owner of Ivera van Dijk. Send Ivera email.

Daisy (red) and Biscuit (chocolate) owners of Kate Sugars. Also take a look at Daisy and Biscuit in the garden, Daisy on a chair, and Daisy under the covers.

Gracie owner of Margaret and Hal.

Brandy, Sherry, and Frieda (3.3MB Word document) owners of the Bulger family.

Huxtable, Huxtable at Halloween, and Huxtable during the holidays owner of Danny Sierchio.

Nancy and Frankie, and Pippy (at the bridge) owners of AnnaMarie and Gary Haden.

Maggie owner of Shannon White.

Sadie, Chauncey, and Sallie owners of Helen Mogen.

April stealing a tomato from the neighbor's garden. April is the owner of Thomas and Deborah Teasdale. Send Thomas and Deborah email.

Dunkin owner of Bill and Eileen Henthorne.

Robbie and Duke owners of John and Anita Pisanelli. Send John email.

Flor de Lis Manolita (Lis) owner of Nieves and Octavio. Send Nieves email.

Buttercup and Chloe owners of Wendy Szypulski.

Guri owner of Mario.

Bandit, Lady, and Scooter owners of Darcy and Eric Houle.

Pixel owner of Camille.

Sadie owner of Rachel.

Scooby owner of Sean and Kat Bonner.

ToeB and Granddaughter Serendipity owners of Stevie.

Miss Rosebud of Dachsland owner of Judy & Steve Mueller.

Sonic the Red Dog owner of John & Melissa.

Abbey owner of Karla Davison.

"Devil" dog Ralphy owner of Dan Contreras and his son, Ryan.

Bunny and Badger owners of Amy. Send Amy email.

Keisha owner of William and Joyce Fair.

Ajus owner of Juan Garcia.

Nyla and Scrappy owners of Kelly Oleski.

Reggie owner of Elizabeth Hart and Reid Troutman.

Lincoln "Link" owner of Bob, Cindy, Jacqueline, and Jake Plain. Send Link email.

Gracie owner of Wendy Buchanan.

Chloe and Sissy owners of Robert Knowles.

Freckles and Oscar owners of Tracy & Coleen LeMaster.

Bella owner of Tricia Miller.

Dosee Doe and Bull Winkle owners of Wendy.

Chip owner of Kim.

Gunther, Harley, Waldo, and Isis, owners of Bob & Linda Dale. Send Bob & Linda email.

Murphy owner of Amber.

Lulu owner of Thomas and Melanie Kline.

Mason & Dixon owners of Andrew, Cathryn, Paul, and Jennifer Schultz.

KiKi owner of Rob and Robin Roth.

Coco (red sable) and Chloe (black and tan) owners of Angie Hanck.

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