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Dachshund Rescue

The Dallas-Ft. Worth Dachshund Rescue Foundation has a homepage at http://www.dfwdachshund.com/rescue/index.html.

Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society (AHDRS) is a network of independent rescue volunteers who work together to rescue abandoned, abused, and unwanted dachshunds. AHDRS is currently selling a Dachshund rescue pin as a fund raiser.

The Dachshund Rescue NW & Dachshund Club of Spokane, WA has a homepage at http://www.nonprofitnw.org/drnw

Benny Archuleta's Dachshund Rescue Page contains a lot of useful information pertaining to Dachshund rescue.

Dachshund Clubs

The American Kennel Club now has a home page, and they even have a page just for Dachsies!

Check out the Dachshund Club of America's homepage.

The Finnish Dachshund Club now has a web page in both Finnish and English!

Here's a great page for Dachshunds (Taksas) in Russian. An English translation will be available soon!

Here are some German Dachshund clubs: The Deutscher Teckelklub gegr. 1888 e.V. and the Bayerischer Dachshundklub gegr. 1893 e.V. (Sub club of the Deutscher Teckelklub).

The Official homepage of the Danish Dachshund Club is at http://www.dgk.dk and Milloup's Pedigree Homepage can be found at http://www.milloup.dk/.

The National Dachshund Council of Australia has a homepage at http://www.dachshund.org.au.

Information and Resources

Sam Watson's Dachshund Back Digest is a compendium of advice and information about back problems in Dachshunds and how they can be prevented and treated.

Jeannie Fazio's Dachshund Network contains a lot of useful information about Dachsies and canines in general.

Meredith Chesterton maintains the Dachshund Memorial Garden in memory of dachshunds who have slipped away, and are waiting for their owners at 'The Rainbow Bridge'.

Be sure to take a look at the homepage for the Dachshund Circus!

Russell McKinney maintains the "Home of the Wieners".

Joe Creitz maintains nine linked and cross referenced pages of real (and some not so real) photos of dachshunds throughout history with their famous owners - actors, kings, artists, writers; with anecdotal and historical information and links.

hotdogdog.fws1.com is a viewer supported site containing an online album of Dachshund pictures. They receive Dachshund pictures from all over the world, so as time passes, they will have more and more wonderful Dachshund pictures to share with you!

Michele Welton maintains the "Advice You Can Trust...Dachshunds" site which contains a great deal of information about Dachshund puppies and whether a Dachshund puppy is right for you.

Baby's Wonderful World of Dachshunds is a great source of Dachshund-related links and information.

Paul de Vries maintains the Dachs Song Web Site which explains the history of the Dachs song and also offers it on CD or as an MP3 file


Here's a very humorous English Postcard featuring a Dachsie!

Check out Not In My Backyard, a hilarious cartoon strip by Dale Taylor. It's Oscar the Wiener Dog's home page. He's a not a real dog, but a cartoon dog. Nonetheless, he's got dog problems like the rest of 'em. There's a pesky squirrel named Oliver that's always bugging him. Then there's baths, costume contests, and all sorts of daily dilemmas. Take a look to see what Oscar's up to next!

Check out the Home of the Virtual Weinerdogs featuring the Virtual Weinerdog Web Cam!

Weinerdograces.com features humorous animated weinerdograces, a cool mini-movie, and a chance to feed a two headed dachshund!!

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