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BadgerDog Email List

The BadgerDog email list is for all dachshund lovers. Breeders and pet owners welcome. No flaming will be tolerated.

To subscribe to the list, please visit the list's subscription page at URL http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/badgerdog

ABLEDOX Email List

The ABLEDOX email list is a support group for the owners of Dachshunds who are experiencing back problems, facing or recovering from disk surgery, or dealing with paralysis and the extra care that it entails.

To subscribe to the ABLEDOX list, please visit URL http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AbleDogs and follow the instructions there.

Dachshund Network Email List

The Dachshund Network is an email list that is owned and operated by Dachshund-loving individuals. The purpose for The Dachshund Network's existence is to provide a peaceful, low-maintenance forum for learning and sharing advice and heart-warming stories about this wonderful breed. To request a subscription, please visit The Dachshund Network email list's Web Site.

Dodger's Email List

Dodger was a Dachshund who was possibly euthanized prematurely when he developed disc disease because his veterinarian and owners were unaware of alternative treatments that are available. Dodgerslist has started a project of distributing literature to veterinarians and owners of dachsies everywhere to inform them of these alternative treatments. To subscribe, please visit Dodger's home page.

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