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Distinctively Dachshund now has an online catalog with lots of neat Dachsie stuff.

Dachshund Delights has a mail-order catalog with lots of neat Dachsie stuff. You can contact them by email (dxdelite@nacs.net), snail mail (8675 Pierce Rd., Garrettsville OH 44231), telephone (800-444-9475), or take a look at their home page on the WWW!

Guy Smalley has been an illustrator for over 30 years. He specializes in limited dachshund giclee prints. Please go to http://www.guysmalley.com to view his work.

The Dachshund Annual and Herman Cox's book, COX ON DACHSHUNDS, have home pages at www.hoflin.com.

The K-9 Cart Company's homepage has a lot of good information about carts for Dachshunds.

GJ's Designs features black line designs, color prints, and white line prints of many breeds including Dachsies!

DogStuff offers a lot of neat Dachsie stuff!

Pet Mobile offers custom-built carts for crippled dogs.

Everlasting Stone Products Company offers beautiful mailorder granite monuments shipped UPS to your home or pet cemetery.

Canine Cornucopia features rare and out-of-print dog books on the Dachshund.

Phyllis Lawicki creates Limited Edition Canine Watercolor Prints for many breeds including Dachshunds.

Kritters in the Mailbox sells life-like handpainted Dachshund figurines deliverable directly to your mailbox.

Chewtoy Incorporated lets you put your dog photo on the cover of a magazine and chewtoys.

Dog Gone It is an online Dog store with lots of neat stuff for your Dachsie.

Along with auctions Doxette now has a for sale page or just visit with her puppers!

Houndz in the Hood makes fitted fleece bodysuits and fleece/heavy Chenille overcoats for Dachshunds to keep them warm, comfortable, active, and elegant!

Horse Creations offers a new line of affordable, custom-designed dog coats.

The Dachshund Gallery of Moreland House N.W. is full of unique and collectible dachshund gifts, prints, pillows, books, frames, paperweights, stationary, mousepads, etc., all with your favorite canine - and mine - Dachshunds!

Nanami Trading offers many unique and unusual Dachshund gifts for yourself or a friend.

www.enjoyDoxies.com Dachshund Art Prints by Adrianne C., Collectible Holiday Dachshund Christmas Post Cards, Victorian Parlor Prints by T.Curley, Pop Art Dachshund Art by Gordon Maxwell, Retro Dachshund Art Posters, Vintage Postcards, Wienie Dog Art. View our customer photo gallery with adorable photographs of dachshunds.

DachshundTreasures.com offers the most unique and up-to-date doxie merchandise available to all Dachshund lovers.

For fun gifts, tee-shirts, greeting cards and other dachshund related items go to www.theflyingdachshund.com.

Designer Doggie Wear makes designer dog coats, and specializes in coats for doxies! Finally, a coat that fits their long, lean, low bodies correctly!!! Please check it out, we call them "Doxie-Duds!!!" There are three sizes for minis, tweenies, and standards.

Visit Dachshund Gifts.com -"Your One Stop Dachshund Shop." Great Gifts and Collectables for Dachshund Lovers & Dachshunds.

Hidden Cedars makes PVC and braid dog beds for Dachshunds with wonderful polar fleece Nap Sacks to match. They also custom make Weiner Wraps for Dachshunds.

Brandy Designs makes handcrafted and handpainted Dachshund mailboxes, welcome signs, and key / leash racks.

The Sacred Chest offers a large variety of Dachshund related items.

Inet Trax offers a collection of true type Dachshund fonts.

The Canine Loft offers many fine Dachshund items and collectibles.


The presence of hyperlinks to providers of Dachshund-related goods and services on this page is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of their fitness or applicability for any given purpose. Caveat emptor, and please direct any questions or comments pertaining to the products advertised to the providers themselves and not me!

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